Minister: Rev Paul Parker 01726 850504



11 am Morning Worship


Mr P Reynolds, Country View, Bokiddick, Bodmin PL30 5HP 01208 832776
Mr I J Phillips, Carnkie, Bokiddick, Lanivet, Bodmin PL30 5HP 07812 454665
Mr P Reynolds
Mrs L Northcott, Garden Park, Bokiddick, Lanivet, Bodmin PL30 5HP 01208 832126
Circuit Meeting Rep
Mr I Phillips
Pastoral Secretary
Mrs S Trudgian, Savath Farm, Lockengate, Bugle St Austell PL26 8SA 01208 831324
Mrs C Truscott, 9 Westheath Avenue, Bodmin PL31 1QH 01208 75532
Communion Steward
Mr K Truscott, 9 Westheath Avenue, Bodmin PL31 1QH 01208 75532
Mr I Phillips
Mr P Reynolds
Junior Church Sup
Mrs J Chapman, Lowena, Tregantle, Lanlivery, Bodmin PL30 5DD 01208 873878
Property Steward
Mr P Reynolds

Hymns and Psalms, Methodist Hymn Book


Gunwen Methodist Church was built 1869. Gunwen is not our easiest church to find. It lies two miles north of Luxulyan adjacent to Breney Common Nature Reserve and looks towards Helman Tor. It’s lovely country for a picnic.

In 1789 William O’Bryan was born at Gunwen. He became a Methodist preacher but in 1815 formed what became The Bible Christian Church. The Bible Christians were strongest in Cornwall, Devon and the Channel Islands though they had a worldwide vision and sent missionaries to China. Among these was Rev Sam Pollard of Camelford who was to witness a mass conversion to Christianity among the minority tribes of Hunan Province in South West China. William O’ Bryan died in 1868 and is buried in New York. Eventually, through church unions in 1907 and 1932 the Bible Christians became united with the mainstream Methodist Church. If you want a real challenge, then find us at Gunwen for Sunday Morning Worship. THERE IS A REWARD: You will receive a welcome from some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. We are at PL30 5DU