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On the morning of Tuesday 5th September the Tregony Bible Christian Chapel will be the venue for the monthly Coffee Morning with Donna Birrell, from BBC Radio Cornwall. This is one of several being held across the County in conjunction with The Transformation Cornwall organisation which aims to support and strengthen faith-based social action in Cornwall.
One of the issues regularly encountered is that many people living in rural, isolated areas, have little access to, or knowledge of, what is happening.in their local community, particularly some of the informal support and activities that are happening on a regular basis
Therefore, Transformation Cornwall is working with Donna to use “Coffee wit Donna” as a way to promote the regular events that are happening in different areas across Cornwall.
The aim is through Radio Cornwall to encourage people to come along and meet Donna as well as promoting local events and the hard work of the volunteers.
Everyone will be most welcome to attend what promises to be a wonderful occasion.
Just one thing… if you feel able to provide buns or cakes or biscuits please bring them with you!
If you require transport to get to the venue please give Des Mennear a call on 01872 530357

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